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Migrating content from one portal to another portal

04-16-2023 09:25 PM
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Hi, I am Korea Esri User.

I'm asking for your opinion because I have a question.

I'm going to download the content from the source portal and move it to another portal.

Is there a way?

Downloading from the portal is possible through hosting layer, and if i open it on ArcGIS Pro, it is difficult to download because it is a simple data reference.

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It is not clear from your post how the source data is stored. Please confirm which of the following it is:

  • Stored in an enterprise geodatabase and published by reference to ArcGIS Server
  • Data copied to ArcGIS Server when publishing as feature service
  • Data hosted on ArcGIS Portal 


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Thank you for answering my question.

The published data is stored in the Data hosted on ArcGIS Portal. Data created specifically by Portal.

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Hi @Jin-taeKim 

Thanks for confirming your data is hosted on Portal.

You have multiple options:

  • Download the data into format such as FGDB and then either import directly into Portal or publish using desktop software
  • Use Python API to "clone" the services as outlined in the documentation Rudrani posted
  • Use third party services such as AGO assistant to copy the services from one Portal to another. Note that this workflow is not supported by ESRI should anything go wrong.

Hope this helps

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Dear @Richard_Purkis 

Unfortunately, I actually tried all three options you mentioned.
1. When using File Geodatabase format, Failed appears during the download process.
Is it because there are too many attached photos?? I think it's about more than 10GB.

2. In the case of cloning, the data source is considered as the source portal, so if there is a problem with the source portal, the cloned data will also be affected.

3. I also tried the AGO assistant. The data source is set to the source portal, and, of course, it is not available if change the source url.

Is there any other way???

Thank you for listening to my concerns during your busy time.

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Hello @Jin-taeKim 

I found the below document for cloning content between two portals.

Clone Portal users, groups and content

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Hi @RudraniChakraborty 

Thank you for sharing my concerns.

I tried clone using Python, but I will try it again through the document you sent me.

Thank you.
Have a nice day

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HI @Jin-taeKim 

have you tried to clone the content using python? were you succeeded?

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Sorry for the late answer
I succeeded by cloning, but it was not separated from the existing Portal information. So I adopted a different method.

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I would like to inform you about the resolution of this case.

I had no choice but to keep the equipment name on the portal for ArcGIS.
If the network of the two equipment is different, I can't help it

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