Locator published to federated server copies data - does this make it hosted?

07-19-2021 03:46 PM
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Hi - 

I have published a locator to a Portal site (10.8.1) through Pro 2.8 using a federated server

All is good - but I am curious about rebuilding/maintaining the locator.   I noticed that data is published to the server, there did not seem to be a way to make it all referenced (not even sure if that applies to a locator?). 

But my questions are: 

 - What parts, if any, of the locator are hosted?  the reference data, or just the locator?  

 - Assuming we update the reference data in the FGDB that is feeding the locator (on a network drive but not accessed there by anyone outside of the service), do we rebuild the locator and simply over-write in Portal to ensure it stays up to date?

Just looking for a bit of clarification on how the Locator Service in Portal gets maintained,


Thanks - 




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