Locator Issues

06-10-2021 10:04 AM
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I am currently running into an issue with Locators running on ArcGIS enterprise 10.9


1. Our county currently hosts an address point locator that is made using the "Create Locator" tool in the Geocoding Toolbox. I am using a layer points of addresses as the "point address" role with the data being entered as address number, direction prefix, streetname, street suffix, unit, city, zipcode.

  When using the locator in ArcGIS pro (2.7) the locator will find addresses with units just fine.


But when the same locator is shared as a service it does not find the same addresses. This seems to mostly happens with certain addresses that contains units.


2.Other issues that seem to be happening is that after using the "Overwrite Locator" tool the locator service seems to stop working after a couple of hours.

I was curious if anyone has run into similar issues with this and if they had found any fixes?


Cameron Zable

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