list of Portal for Arcgis public User Sites Implementation

05-15-2017 12:58 AM
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Hi we are starting to implement our Portal , 

I'm looking for examples of public sites implemented on Portal for ArcGIS , to analyze how they work and understand how it could be customized and integrated with other components (is HTML pages, CMS etc)

I made many seraches on ESRI site and  googling but without success.

Could you help me to set a list of Live Public User SItes?

thank you


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Hi Enrico,

I doubt that you will find any publicly accessible Portal for ArcGIS installation examples, but you could probably just look at some ArcGIS Online organizations sites to help give you some ideas. 

Hope this helps,

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My two cents....

If your intent is to make a public facing Portal site, then I would highly recommend that you use ArcGIS Online (AGOL).

Why reinvent the wheel?

Take advantage of letting Esri be your sys admins, keep your system up to date, scale as needed, etc...

Portal is a great tool for keeping your data and maps, etc... internal to your organization. 

But it is not a trivial system to setup and support.

There's a reason why Derek's list is all AGOL sites. 

Having been through (& going through) a Portal setup, deployment, support, etc... I would recommend any organization take a good look at what their needs are.  If you don't need to protect your data (we do) then it really makes no sense to waste your resources on setting up a Portal.

Even with a Portal, for any public facing data, I'm going to put that out on AGOL and let Esri manage the infrastructure for me.  Best of luck...