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Legend symbols do not match Pattern/Line Fills in Rotated Data Frame

04-27-2011 01:04 PM
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I have polygons in a map that have line fill symbols. My data frame is rotated. Problem: the legend symbols do not math the pattern/fill in the map. As you well know, when you rotate a frame, line and pattern fills rotate with it. But in the legend, the symbol is not rotated. result: legend and map don't match.

There is a way to control wether or not symbols rotate with the dataframe in ArcMap Advanced setting but I haven't found anything similar for the polygon fill.

For the momment I have some manual fixes, but they are quite time consuming. (I usually copy paste the polygone layer, turn it off, and make it match the symbology in the map by ajusting the rotation of the fill. Then I use this layer for the legend only (I don't display it in the map).

I could also convert the legend patches to graphics and rotate the symbols individually to match the data frame...but I personnaly dislike converting the legend to a graphic as we edits our maps often.

I am hoping that I have missed a simple solution...And if there is no way to keep the polygon fill to rotate, has anybody found a more elegant solution to this problem?

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Did you ever find a fix to this problem? Ideally I would want to prevent the line fills from rotating with the data frame. I have about 200 pages in my map book (data driven pages) and can not mess with the rotation for each individual page. Unfortunately the fill symbol changes from page to page and could confuse the map reader if they are looking at the symbology for the layer.

I have found how to prevent marker symbols from rotating, but I can't change to marker symbols. I have about 16 different polygon layers in my data frame that I need to distinguish between and need to use the line fill symbol.

I am not as concerned about the legend symbols, as I could just convert to graphics, I just need to prevent the line fill from rotating.

Please let me know if you have any further data on this.

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Hello Carey,

From what I can gather, ESRI has not fix for this....Their suggestion, from what I understand, is to submit it as an idea on their suggestion web page....

I whish I had better news.

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I am still having this problem!!  Does anyone know if ESRI has created a fix for it yet??
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Hello, I have the same issue with our Zoning Overlay Districts. All of our base maps are rotated by 36.5 degrees. I start with the standard 10% crosshatch pattern for the overlay so that the underlying district is visible through the crosshatch. Using the Symbol Selector I click on "Edit Symbol" to get to the angle of each layer of the crosshatch. I change the angle of each layer by subtracting 36.5. So now the crosshatch angle uses 98.5 (135-36.5) and 8.5 (45-36.5). This fixes the map, however, I still need to create a "graphic" in the legend with the orginal crosshatch defintion of 135 and 45.
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