Layer List configuration steps do not match our WAB options

05-06-2019 01:04 PM
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I am wanting to customize the Layer List for our Portal app, so I took a look at the following link:


and noticed several options are not available as per the steps show. These include no option in the Layer List configuration to show title, nor to show the basemap. (See Steps 3 & 4 below). I only have the option to show the Legend. 

Also, it is not clear in how you can use a Search button to find layers (Refer to Step 5 below): 

I was hoping to configure the Layer List in our Portal app to include an embedded search bar that allows for us to type in a layer name, and for the Layer List to narrow the options of layers, based on a type-ahead of the layer name. So having a Search Bar there would be helpful. 

So in closing, my questions are: 

(1) Are these instructions for a Web App Builder for a later version of ArcGIS? We are using ArcGIS v10.5

(2) Would adding a search bar within the Layer List searching for layers (not the search widget - which is looking for locations or specific features) be possible? Or will this involve tweaking the JSON files and adding in a custom script?


Jim G

Aecom/FL Dept of Transportation

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I am also interested in having a search bar embedded in the layer list widget on my organization's portal. We are running v10.6.1 and plan on updating to 10.7.1 over the weekend, hopefully this solves the issue.

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