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Labels in tabular or grid format?

03-21-2012 02:11 PM
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Is it possible to create labels in a tabular or grid format using ArcGIS system tools? As an example, imagine a point feature class with fields [SampleID] and [Value]. It would be great to create callout labels for each feature that look like the attached JPG. [ATTACH=CONFIG]12910[/ATTACH]
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To create a grid of values is rather simple by using the VBScript:

"Value:" & vbTab & [OrderName1] & vbnewLine & "Order:" & vbTab & [HospitalAd] 

Which will result in:

Value: Mark (Home)
Order: 3727 Howe St

However, to create borders around them and such you'd need to use more advanced logic of VBScript or JScript as shown in this article:

You can also try to use some workarounds by using the formatting tags like SUP and UND to create lines over the block of the values and under as well as "|" symbols appended in the beginning of the label's row and in the end. This will result in something like:

|Value: | Mark (Home) |
|Order: | 3727 Howe St |
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