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06-18-2012 09:23 AM
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Recently I created a series of maps displaying roads by county utilizing data driven pages.  To display just the roads for the featured county I applied ???Clip to current data driven page extent??? and excluded the base county layer that generates the labels for all of the counties.  When in layout view the labels for the county featured and surrounding counties are displayed; however, when I export the map to a .pdf the labels for the surrounding counties are not drawn but the focus county remains labeled.  This also happens if the map is exported into a .jpg, .tif, etc.  How do you think I could fix this problem and label the surrounding counties to give the featured county better spatial reference?

I appreciate your time and help.

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I've experienced and heard of several "glitches" in the export process to PDF and other formats. I'm sure ESRI has a team of people working to fix them.

You may learn more from a "Search Forums" search. I found this post by searching "pdf problems". It may have some similarities to your problems, and maybe solutions.

I also searched "export problems" and found other possibly relevant posts.

Good luck!
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Have you used the Page Definition Query option?

You can use it to display only items in a layer that "Match" the current index tile or only items that "Don't Match".
I use the "Don't Match" option to label only adjacent map tiles though you can also use it to create masks and the like.

In my case I'm using a copy of my index grid for the adjacent labels so I already have the required "Page Name Field" in my dataset.

If the attribute you want to label does not reside in a copy of your index layer then I guess you would need to create a new dataset via a spatial join or some simliar operation to append the index layer's Page Name attribute to the label layer.

I hope this is helpful,

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