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04-28-2021 01:16 PM
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I have an Enterprise 10.8.1 federated I have a service for parcels. Service works fine, i can see parcels but when I use manage labels option and set parcels labels they do not appear. I tried other service, municipalities and also did not worked




I also tried doing this in ArcGIS online reading the services and i was not able to get the labels appear. 

This is Map service 




Any idea.


Diego Llamas


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        I don't know why your parcel labels wont display but I will tell you how we label our parcels.  We are using ArcGIS 10.7.1 and we are still publishing map services with ArcMap.  First we add the polygon data to arcmap and create a layer called "parcels".  We set the polygon to have no fill colour and set a colour for the polygon boundary, scale threshold, etc.  We do not configure any labels.  Next we make a copy of the "parcels" layer and rename it "labels".  For the "labels" layer we set the polygon boundary to have no colour and then we use the label properties to display the parcel ID for each polygon.  Now we have two layers:

  1. parcels
  2. labels

When this map service is published we have two layers and it is very easy to control the display of the labels.  This is very helpful because it gives the users of our map services and apps easy control over the display of the parcel labels with a layer widget.  Here is the URL for our parcel service: 


Labelling polygons requires quite a bit of computation so we use Maplex labelling and label classes. We even do a calculation to approximate when the polygon is too small on the screen for the label to fit completely inside the parcel.  This allows us to prevent the server from doing unnecessary label placement calculations.  I have attached a copy of our MXD if you want to give it a try, just modify the data source for the two layers.  The label classes are setup to match the scale levels (8000, 4000, 2000, 1000) in our tile cached basemaps:


You will need to make some adjustment to the label classes to tweak the labelling for your data and the sacles you use.





P.S. Dave Gariepy from Esri Canada taught us this technique to improve our parcel labelling.

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Nice solution for parcels, but it still doesn't answer the question...WTF is happening to the labels?  I have a point feature ... same problem.  

In Portal, feature Visualization, I get this ...


But add the feature to a map and I get this ...



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