Labeling building GIS data where buildings have multiple floors

11-29-2013 08:06 AM
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Is there a way to have only one layers' labels on at once when many are turned on in the dataframe? I have building GIS data which has multiple floors and this results in rooms appearing to have many numbers.  I've tried adjusting weighting and ranking which helps, but doesn't completely solve the problem.  I'm not using maplex, just the default label manager.

Thanks!! 😮
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Just an idea, but have you tried using scale ranges, so that when you zoom to a floor level only it's labels turns on and everything else turns off, even if all floors are displayed.


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Hi Craig,

I did experiment a little with scale ranges.  It's not quite doing the trick but thanks for the idea!!

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What if you separated the floors into different polygon layers, with the highest floor on top. Then use feature weight to prevent labels from a lower floor from printing over the upper floor features.
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I do this by creating a layer for each floor. Label each floor layer and when you look at that floor (turn on the layer), only those room numbers are shown. For my task, we were never looking at the first and second floors at the same time. Usually, people were only interested in one floor at a time.

We had another project where it was not necessary to have the rooms in real space. So I just offset the first floor 100 ft to the north and the third floor a 100 ft to the south. Then they could see all rooms at the same time.

every task is different... hopefully you'll get it.
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For situations like this I would have detail levels based on each floor.  And like someone else eluded to I then add each layer form each floor and group them and then use definition queries to distinguish between floors.  I would then manually turn each floor off or on.  We did this for a main office building once and had to stack the floors because we also wanted to draw in the wire conduits and make a 3D representation. We printed in 2D.

However, IF you don't need them to be spatially correct the idea of offsetting them is a very good idea.

our main office building has 4 floors and it does not need to be spatially correct so we offset the floors by 200 feet and base the data driving pages off each floors polygon. We did not need the conduit for this as it was being used as basically a seating chart.
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