Is there a way to customize the home page in depth (Portal 10.3)?

06-17-2015 04:29 PM
New Contributor

Hi, I am working on a project to help the client customize the look & feel of the home page. I have noticed that the built-in text-editor recognizes html and css, and allows some level of customization. However, is there a way to access the front-end source code directly (Javascript, HTML & CSS) and apply modifications to the portal home page (Portal v10.3)?

For example, the following requirements can not be accomplished through the text-editor, and need some javascript hackings:

  • Integrate the links on the header ("home", "gallery", "map", etc) into the user sign-in dropdown menu.
  • Replace the header with a new one that looks similar to the client's site but keep the sign-in button.
  • Add customized effects (e.g. on-hover slide up descriptions) to the feature map & app section thumbnails.
  • Hide the arrow button in the section if there is less than four feature apps/maps.

Thanks for your help!

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