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Is there a time lag between a successful collaboration (Portal --> ArcGIS Online) and having the data show in ArcGIS Online?

08-10-2018 08:36 AM
New Contributor II

We have a Portal to ArcGIS Online collaboration setup (Send and Receive); however, we've noticed that some items in Portal are not syncing properly to ArcGIS Online. Looking through the log files it seems like these datasets "succeed" in their sync process; however the # of features between the Portal Item and the AGOL Item are different.

Does AGOL need a few hours or days to reindex itself to find these new features? If so, how long before they should show up?

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by Anonymous User
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Hi Brian, just saw this post. It depends on how your collaboration is set up - if ArcGIS Enterprise is set up to send items immediately or on a schedule. This is configurable when you edit the workspace as an ArcGIS Enterprise admin:

In terms of the mismatch between number of features - potentially the Enterprise item has been edited/features added but not synced with Online yet? If you see a discrepancy after a sync has happened, we'd want to look into that further.


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