Identifying intersections WITHIN a single feature class... Help please!

07-11-2012 11:07 AM
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I am having a tonne of trouble trying to do what seems to be a simple task:

I would like to identify the locations and thus count the number of times a single polyline intersects itself (see attached image).

I have looked into geometric network analysis in order to identify these junctions (did not work, only identified vertices between polyline segments), ET GeoWizard polyline intersection tools ("export nodes" tool did not work- requires another polyline or polygon to intersect with), spatial join did not work (I could not join a feature to itself...)...

Help! Please! Advice greatly appreciated.

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Perhaps you could create a topology on that line feature with a Must Not Intersect rule. This rule "Requires that line features from the same feature class (or subtype) not cross or overlap each other." Validate the topology, then add it to ArcMap, and it should highlight all of the locations where the line is intersecting itself.
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Thanks for the response!
That does sound like a lovely idea... but when I try to create topology, I get an error saying that my polyline is an invalid input feature dataset.
Could you please tell me how I should do what you suggested? That sounds like it would work but I have a hard time trouble shooting something that is new to me.

Thank you for your help!

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