how to update vector tile layer service properties

10-07-2019 04:50 PM
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We are able to create a vector tile package and publish it in Portal for ArcGIS. (10.7 is being used)

When we try to update the service properties like minInstance or capabilities.

1. via the REST url (..ags-url/admin/rest/services/xxx.VectorTileServer/edit), the service does not restart. But when browser is refreshed, the service properties changes are reflected. response throws an exception "FAILED to start "

2. using arcgis.gis python script, an exception is thrown "Not found" 


gisServer = server.Server(portal_url, gisContext)
pub_folder_name = "Hosted"

result = gisServer.content.get(name="XXXX", folder=pub_folder_name)
service = server.Service(result.url, gisContext)
prop =


We assume it is the same reason as service unable to be restarted.

3. We are unable to find any of the service properties which we typically find for a published service like "Capabilites", "Pooling" etc. Also, the "Save and Restart" option is disabled.

All the results are same if I am Publisher or a Portal Administrator.

For the reasons above, once the vector tile package is updated, to update the vector tile service, the only option is to delete the service and recreate a new one.

Any advice here is greatly appreciated.

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