how to share existing arcade attribute expressions

12-09-2019 09:30 AM
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I have one arcgis enterprise 10.7.1 map that has many custom attribute expressions.

How can I share those expressions with a second map?

See snapshot where the arcade custom attribute popup shows the "existing" tab for one map but not for a second map.

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Robert Logan ,

That would be a ice feature to have. However, as you have noticed currently this feature does not exist. There is a related idea for ArcGIS Online here: Share Arcade expressions within AGO org  but as you mention it would also be very helpful to have this functionality in Enterprise. 

For now you could store the arcade expressions somewhere are copy and paste them in order to use them in other web maps (I store mine in .js files, but with a growing number of files, this is not a very good way). You can also save layers that contain Arcade expressions and then share them across the organization. However, if you save a layer that has an Arcade expression using FeatureSetByName and the other layer is not present or does not have the exact name in the web map, the expression will not work (although it will be present and you can correct the expression).  

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