How to query a table from a relate and make a difinition?

09-27-2019 12:03 PM
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I have a set of point features.  They each contain a unique Location Number (text field)

I have a table that is exported from Maximo with Project number, Work order numbers, Work Groups and work order descriptions and the same Location field.  i.e. the location is the common link.

However, the location number in the table is not unique as a single location can participate in multiple work orders and projects.

What I would like to know is there a way to link the table to the point feature ONLINE GIS (portal to be specific)  so a can definition query be written to ONLY show those that match a specific Group. 

A JOIN in Pro results in a 1 (point feature) to Many table Records.  The join does not work when brought into Portal web maps. 

Please I need responses written for the Every Man. A response of use python, or put in this SQL query don't mean much to me. I will use them but I don't know exactly where or how to implement them.

Ideally, I would create a relationship between the points and the table. That works great to show everything. But you cannot make a straight up definition query or symbols from that.  I have read it is possible but the answers were for people that are not me. I have also found numbers links to other posts in this group that I have the feeling the linkers didn't have a clue what they were linking to. 

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