how to disable datetime values conversion to local time

06-03-2021 01:23 AM
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Hello everyone,

I have some "issues" with datetime values and I just want to share some thoughts and maybe having some tips about how to handle or circumvent the problem I'm experiencing.

I have a geodatabase with several (100+) layers, each one contains one or more datetime fields stored as UTC values in the geodatabase, and with the UTC field correctly configured in the ArcGIS Server parameters; so basically using ArcMap/ArcCatalog I see the correct datetime values and I assume that the portal considers the values itself as UTC dates because of the configuration.

Data is published as a WebMap in a WebGIS built with ArcGIS Web AppBuilter, and the datetime values I see depends of the client (browser) timezone, so basically I see the datetime values moved +1 hour or +2 hours (depending on the daylight time savings) because of the browser timezone +1 Europe/Rome. I tried to experiment with the chrome extension "Change Timezone" and I can confirm this behavior, that actually is well documented:"The client you use to view the data determines how date and time values are displayed. When a date field is displayed in your portal, the date is converted from UTC to your local time."

I just want to disable this behavior and see the data published as UTC also in the client, but seems that this is not possible: tried also to edit json configuration adding the timezone as reported here, but nothing changed.

Tried also to create a new fiend in the WebMap pèopup configuration, where I can use the ToUTC() function in the popup configuration, but this looks working in the "client side", so basically the UTC datetime already converted to local datetime is passed to the UTC function. Not the best result I can expect.

Any idea about how to disable or circunvent this?

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