How to Change Symbol Level by Date

11-26-2013 05:13 AM
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Hi I have an environmental geodatabase with data collected in different sampling time for same location, now I'm trying to display the concentration of chemical results but want to show symbol for most recent results, for example:

Location 1 / Date / Results
MW101 / 2011-12-03 / 18
MW101 / 2012-11-07 / 120
MW101 / 2013-04-14 / 0

I want the concentration map to show symbol of most recent data for each location, so for MW101 it should be "0" because the date is the most recent.

Does anybody know how I can change symbology priority by specific attribute fields (Date)? but not concentration (Advanced --> Symbol Level)?

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How is your sampling data being stored wangjiayu? Is it stored in a table that is joined to a geographic layer in GIS?
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