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How to bypass ArcGIS Logon Screen on a map with an Azure AD user

03-01-2023 01:50 PM
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I am currently embedding maps on a SharePoint Online site and am wondering if there is a way to remove the Enterprise login screen and have the currently logged in Azure AD user be automatically logged into the map without having to authenticate manually by clicking the blue SSO button. To provide some background, I went into the Azure AD Admin Console and created an Enterprise Application using the ArcGIS Enterprise Application and configured it for SAML Logins. I just need to determine if there is a parameter that I need to select to enable the ArcGIS Enterprise login screen to be bypassed or if there is a way to do it with custom development. Any help provided would be greatly appreciated.

What I am looking for is similar to the question here:


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When we implemented this a year ago,  I was told by our IT staff that no there is no way to bypass this as this is the way the credentials as passed to AGE from AD. You can turn off the login with ArcGIS login in settings and that reduces some confusion from users. 

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