How to assign unassigned Item to user?

07-25-2023 04:21 AM
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I have items in the portal items content directory on the server, that don´t show anywhere in the portal.
The corresponding ArcGIS Server Services do exist.
Portal Item Example:



I tried this, but it did not help: Problem: Unable to View Items in the Portal for ArcGIS Content Page (

Is there a way to assign all those unassigned item folders to a specific user as portal items?

From what I understand, this information needs to be added in the gwdb...

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You're certain the items are not in your Portal? If you go to into the REST directory and look at those items, do they show anything for the Service Item Id?



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Yes, I tried that, but I get "Item does not exist or is inaccessible."
I think if an item is not assigned to any owner, it does not exist for the portal. So I need a way to tell the portal that there is an item folder I want to assign to a specific user.

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I think a solution would be to move all item folders to a different location. Then the Portal "create item" Rest API could be used to create items with the same item ids as required, by parsing and uploading the existing item contents.

I will also try to directly add the information in the ArcGIS Portal GWDB gw_items table in pgsql. I am working in a dev environment, so no worries here.

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Hi Simon,


The item will be present somewhere in your Portal - as you say, querying "item=049876123786128763" will  not resolve to any item. What will be identifiable is the item link to "item=049876123786128763" - please try to identify what the orphaned item is.

Ultimately, the best way to resolve this is to delete it and recreate the item. Please get in touch with ESRI technical support for this as sometimes it must be done from the command line. 


Tip to identify item, you can open the item file in the arcgisportal directory:




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"the best way to resolve this is to delete it and recreate the item"
Yes, I could move the Folders of the affected items (a few hundred) to a new location and Create new Items using the REST API where I can create Items with the same ItemID as before. This would require writing a script to import all the existing Item Properties from the Item JSON files, which I´d like to avoid.

I´d prefer to simply re-register the item with the build-in Portal Database. I would be really interested in the CLI solution.

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