How does Portal Authentication Work?

02-11-2019 06:29 AM
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I am coming from an 10.1 server only system using Integrated windows Authentication. In that system users were automatically logged in with Windows credentials so it was invisible and seamless. Now I am standing up 10.6.1 with Portal Federated. We are still utiling our Integrated Windows Authentication. I am trying to wrap my head around correct settings and usage of tokens but have been struggling with understanding the following:

1.       Token Settings in Portal: maxTokenExpirationMinutes: -1

 What does that setting apply to? Is that an application token? How does it relate to the server tokens below? All i read was that -1 means it is set for the maximum 2 week life.

2.       Token Settings in ArcGIS Server - Short and Long Life

         What do these token settings apply to? Are these service tokens? Does portal handle requesting these as needed based on having authorized and app through the Idnetity Manager window?

3.       Identity Manager Token Validity

         What does this property do? Does it related to an authorization token? Is that related to the setting in bullet 1 above but someone can use this setting to shorten the duration for a single app?

4.       oAuthInfo expiration

         What does this property do?

Is there any way to set things up so my users never need to go through an app authorization process. My users will not be utilizing the portal front end as my apps are typically embedded in our core systems.

I appreciate any and all help.

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