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How do I find a feature layer's companion map image layer?

03-13-2023 07:15 PM
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I have a feature layer that I need to overwrite and it turns out I don't know where the map image layer is. I can get the map service via rest end point, but I need the actual layer to overwrite from ArcPro. Is there any way to find a map image layer that has been separated from it's feature layer?

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Randy McGregor

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A feature layer can be a hosted feature layer (data is copied) or a feature layer associated with a map image layer (references registered data or a data store item).

If you publish a non-hosted feature service to ArcGIS Enterprise:

  • The service will have mapping and feature service capabilities at REST
  • Two items will be created in Portal for ArcGIS. One for the Feature Layer and one for the Map Image layer, to facilitate providing access (sharing) to the service capabilities.

If you delete the map image layer item in Portal for ArcGIS, the associated service item should be deleted as well. Given you still have the service, it doesn't sound like this is the case. So in this scenario, if you have published a non-hosted service, you should be able to find the item under the portal user account that published the item.

If you published a Hosted Feature Layer, a map image layer is not created. To overwrite the layer, overwrite the feature layer. Again go through the portal user account that published the item.

If this doesn't apply... please share some more information and screenshots so we know more about how you've published the service etc.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation. It is a registered map service. It appears as though the Map Image Layer is gone. I can't find it anywhere. I checked the items owned by the person who published it. I may just delete the service and republish. I appreciate the information.

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