Hosted Feature Layer/Tile Layer Capability Missing from ArcGIS Portal 10.3.1

08-14-2015 02:59 PM
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Does anyone know why Portal for ArcGIS 10.3.1 lacks in functionality in contrast to AGOL. You can't publish a hosted feature layer or tile layer to Portal for ArcGIS. This makes the manage new features tools unavailable along with exporting multiple ways. I don't know why that can't be the same for your own hosted services from ArcGIS server. Any ideas???? See Screenshots.

Matthew Twietmeyer

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Esri first adds new features to AGOL and then brings them into Portal as their schedule allows.

At least, that's my understanding.

However, I believe Portal does allow you to have Hosted Feature Layers.

But, you need to install the DataStore for that functionality.

Which also means a Hosting server for Portal.

What is ArcGIS Data Store?—Installation Guides (10.3 and 10.3.1) | ArcGIS for Server

There was a very recent thread on this regarding tiled layers:

Best of luck.

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Have you done this? My issue is that since it makes everything a single sign on it only allows you to have a certain amount of members to the portal in contrast to Server where you could have numerous users. Since my company is small we only have 5 member slots permitted.

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Paul and Jayanta have you on the right track regarding the need for federation + a hosting server. Though you should keep in mind that a hosting server can be either ArcGIS DataStore or an Enterprise GDB.

This chart should help you understand what you can or cannot do with your Portal configuration.

If you decide not to federate you can always publish cached map services or feature services with ArcGIS for Server.

Let me know if you have other questions. I'm running a federated ArcGIS for Portal installation and have configured other installations as well. 

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Hello Matthew,

The services are meant to be hosted in ArcGIS for Server. Have you federated ArcGIS Server site with Portal? If yes, you could publish the services to ArcGIS Server with Feature Access (Data residing in Enterprise GDB) or Tiled caching capabilities. The services would get reflected in Portal as well.

Think Location
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I am working on federating a different server to publish these hosted services. I already have a feature server access and services on my other arcgis server but I can not federate that server as it will dissolve all of my arcgis server accounts and roles and make portal the SSO which I can't move to because we only are allowed 5 member accounts for Portal.

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As far as federation, unless you're making portal accessible to your employees off-site, you can just share everything to public and only users on your domain will be able to use the Portal site.

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