Highly available portal install

11-17-2016 01:21 PM
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If we install portal A, then install/join Portal B to Portal A. Can portal A & B take requests at the same time? Or is Portal B only in standby mode?

 We are going to start testing setting up an active/active system, but It's unclear whether I should "join an existing portal" or "Create a new one". If we did choose "create a new one" how do we keep content in sync? You can point them to the same content directory, but how would the portal DB & indexes know about changes in the content?


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Esri Notable Contributor

Hi James, when creating a highly available portal, both actively serve content, but only the database on the primary is accessible.  In the event that the primary goes down for whatever reason, the standby will be promoted to primary.  Once the old primary, (now new standby), is restored, it will join as the standby portal and access the database on the new primary.  The steps outlined here should help to get you along.  

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