HELP!-What does the tolerance in PAEK smooth method indicate?

02-28-2011 06:20 AM
New Contributor

I am trying to figure out how to determine the best value of tolerance for PAEK polyline-smooth method. My observations are: we drew three circles with different radius "r1", "r2", and "r3". And we used the PAEK to smooth our original line with tolerance equal to "r1", "r2", and "r3". We got three smoothed lines. After that, we moved circle r1 along the smoothed line with tolerance equal to r1, circle r2 along line r2, and circle r3 along line r3. It turned out that the three circles are tangent to every point on their lines. My question is: Does the "tolerance" mean the minimum radius of curvature of the smoothed line?

Thank you very much!
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