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07-26-2011 05:07 PM
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I am trying to display the addresses and attributes of about 2500 college students in a series of maps, (attributes include race, age, hometown, degree, etc).

I have successfully geocoded each address and am confident of their accuracy, however, when I try to display other attributes using pie charts, graduated symbols, etc, these fields are not available from the dropdown. All I can use are the "score," "x," "y," "disp_lon," 'disp_lat," and "house_number." How do I make these fields available? Is there something I can do to the schema? I'm new at this obviously and would appreciate some tips!
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I think the problem is that the fields you want to use are not numbers. If they are numbers in string format then make a new field in a number format (interger, double, etc) and use field calculator to convert the strings to numbers
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gis_wallah is right, the reason you can't select those fields is probably because they're not number fields... but depending on what exactly you're trying to do it might not make sense for them to be number fields if they contain things like gender and race.

You may need to run summary statistics to get the numbers of each age, gender, race, etc. then you might need to pivot those stats on excel to get them into the right format to join back on to your original feature class. Then you can use the stats fields to make the charts....

It's a bit unclear what you're trying to symbolise - you say you've geocoded every address so do you want a pie chart for each geocoded point? Does one point represent one student or are you aggregating the points to post/zip codes or something? If you can post some sample data or explain in a bit more detail what data you want to symbolise with the charts, what that data represents... we can be of more help..

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