Group searches return different results with trailing space

07-06-2017 08:46 AM
MVP Regular Contributor

As I was doing some group searches I notice some very odd results.  If I do a group search by user name and the search string contains a trailing space two of the three groups owned by that user are returned.  If I do the same search without the trailing space two of three groups are returned.  One group is returned in both searches and the other group returned is different in each search.  Obviously, the users name does not have a trailing space in it (users are added from Windows AD).  Yes I have confirmed there is no trailing space in the group title, even re-saving to confirm.

If someone could explain this I would love to understand why and how I am supposed to actually search correctly.  This was discovered because I get really bizarre results when doing group searches from a Runtime application and I wanted to compare to search results in Portal itself.


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