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04-13-2012 05:10 AM
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hi all,
I have point SDE featureclass in mxd. I am showing graduated symbols based one integer field 'count'. featureclass is supposed to visible for 5 scale levels e.g. 125000,10000,7500,5000 and 2500. I want to set graduated symbols for first 3 scale levels as one set while another symbol set for rest 2 scale levels.

I can achieve above requirement by adding the layer twice. i.e. add layer once and set in-out zoom levels for first 3 scales and set symbols and do same by adding layer one more time for rest 2 scales.

Can I do this with layer added to mxd only once?
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No, you cannot achieve this directly in ArcGIS 10. As a workaround, as you've correctly stated above, you will need to add your layers several times into your map document and use different symbology settings/rules for the features depending upon how you want them to look in different scale.
After that you can specify scale range values for each layer (Layer Properties dialog box > General tab) corresponding to when you want the different symbology to become visible in the map. It is a best practice to change the name for the layers in the Table of Contents to make it easier to understand what scales it will be drawn (say, Roads_5K). You can also group your layers into group layers to make it easier to go through them and switch on/off.

Many people have promoted this idea posted at the Esri's Ideas web site. Check this out and vote too:
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