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07-22-2011 05:32 AM
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Hey Guys,
I need you expert help
I'm using Arcgis 9.3 ..c# vbpro2008, I'm working on a school proj... I need to hook up the gps(dgps survey type) and display the pos on the map in my app I found a EDN forum post (closed) and found a post saying this code will alone do the job
IGpsDisplayProperties pGpsDisplay;

            g_pFeedManager = new RealTimeFeedManagerClass();

            g_pFeedManager.GpsFeed.Connection.BaudRate = 4800;
            g_pFeedManager.GpsFeed.Connection.CommPort = 2;
            g_pFeedManager.GpsFeed.Connection.DataBits = 8;
            g_pFeedManager.GpsFeed.Connection.Parity = esriGpsParity.esriGpsParityNone;
            g_pFeedManager.GpsFeed.Connection.StopBits = esriGpsStopBits.esriGpsStopBits1;

            esriGpsConnectionStatus status = g_pFeedManager.GpsFeed.TestStatus;

            g_pFeedManager.RealTimeFeed = (IRealTimeFeed)g_pFeedManager.GpsFeed;

            pGpsDisplay = (IGpsDisplayProperties)g_pFeedManager;
            //pGpsDisplay.AutoPan = true;

            g_pFeedManager.Map = this.mapControl1.Map;


to my luck I'm getting COMExecption  Error in the line "esriGpsConnectionStatus status = g_pFeedManager.GpsFeed.TestStatus;"
and if i comment this line the same error shows up in "g_pFeedManager.RealTimeFeed.Start();"
Error: HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.

I'm close to my deadline and I'm desperate , a sword is hanging on top of my head in a hair
PLZ Help .....
More info I tried using all the methods from program sample I got hold off Same error at the same condition or whatever its is
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