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11-03-2011 07:59 AM
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I am looking for  more Geology Symbols rather than ESRI Geology 24 K.
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Within ArcMap there are also the symbols "Petroleum" and "Petroleum UK"

I would also suggest USGS site and ESRI Geologic Template

Hopefully you'll get some more symbols from these...
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Thanks for the reply Simon.
As for the Geologic Mapping Template, I do not have maplex extension to use all symbols. And  as for the, the file types are (.lin),(.mrk) therefore, I can not convert them to see  in ArcGIS.(Arcview)
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have you looked at "FGDC Digital Cartographic Standard for Geologic Map Symbolization"? You can download the symbology in an EPS format. Then (with the proper graphics software) you can convert any of the symbols into an EMF format for creating your own symbols in ArcGIS. If you do not have the proper graphics software, the publication gives all of the specs to create the symbols from scratch.

Also, what kind of symbology are you looking for? (point, line, or fills)
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Does this help?


Otherwise, the Windows font library is a way to get symbols into programs.  You must do that one font at a time.  CAD is like that more than ESRI.

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Since this thread is seven years old, I am guessing that the original poster has either moved on or found the solution they needed. But, thanks for providing that link! I see that it was created by one of our local celebrities, Curtis Price‌!

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Thanks for tipping me Adrian so i could add the following info to this thread:

Unfortunately the EGIS style file setup discussed on the linked my.usgs page is an MSI package just used internally in USGS. However you can get the Windows TrueType fonts and .style files that use it here. After you install on the ArcMap side, you can then import the .style files into .stylex for use in Pro too.''

Here's the place to go for that. Looks like this was recently updated (4/2018):


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