Geologic Map Layout and Legend

11-25-2011 12:27 PM
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Does anyone have any legend tips or tricks for using the legend builder to generate a legend with unit labels in the color patch followed by name and description (for a geologic maps layout) ? Are people just using another program to make legends or adding text to the color patches?   Also, I???d be curious to know what programs  are being used to generate cross sections. I am thinking ill use inkscape but don???t have much experience with it so if there are better options or if anyone is using  arc map I would be interested to know. Thanks
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Do you mean each color patch has text in it?  You could create a text box with the same font and spacing as the legend and overlay the text graphically.

Another way would be to make a second version of your geologic features. Set each symbol to contain color and text. Leave the layer off in the TOC, but add it in place of the mapped layer to the legend.
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