fix direction line in a hydrography feature

05-21-2012 05:40 AM
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Hi everyone...

I have here this hydrography feature, but it was created without respect the flow direction...
I mean, some features are pointing upstream and some are pointing downstream...

There is no standard, it was created randomly...

Once i fixed another feature like that with the 'flip' tool, but it was a small area... This time, it has about 11k segments and it would take a lot of time...

So, is there any tool or process that can help me to fix this hydrography feature?
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I'm having similar problem and wish someone would answer this. If there isn't a tool for this kind of operation, I hope it is something ESRI looks into developing. Sorry I couldn't help. I just wanted to let you know you are not alone.
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Raphael and Kevin,

you might want to look into Linear Referencing; Create Routes from your streams that have a direction based on a starting spatial orientation priority that overrides the digitized direction of the input features in the polyline segments.

Here's a few threads about using Linear Referencing for stream problems and directional markers.

that would definitely overcome the specific problem you are referring to but may lead into deeper waters when you see what else you can do.

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