Federation error in Portal for ArcGIS 10.3

05-11-2015 08:51 AM
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Dear all

I need an help for the Portal for Arcgis. I have configured the Webadaptors for Server and Portal and installed PFA, sucessfully.

I loged in PFA and when click on my organisation --> server --> and then when adding the server i am getting this error when validating the server. the red exclamation mark is there i have attached the snapshot for the same.

can i get the solution for the same.

so that i can federate the server after this and publish the Service as hosted service( Portal for Arcgis )  from arcgis Desktop. as when i am trying to do the same i am getting error .


Thanks in advance.

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I hope you have followed all the steps thoroughly in this link


1) Remove the Server from the list of federated servers in PFA settings.

2) Configure both the ArcGIS Server sites (http and https) with Web-Adaptor(http and https).

3) Restart ArcGIS Server and Portal for ArcGIS services.

4) Try adding the Server again as you had done earlier.

Does the issue still persist?

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Hi there,

Some other items to check for when troubleshooting problems with federating a Server site with Portal:

"When attempting to federate an ArcGIS Server site with my portal, a message displays in the Add ArcGIS Server dialog box stating There was an error communicating with the server. Please check your URL and your credentials and try again."


Hope this helps,

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Hi all,

I had all these issues with federating my ArcGIS servers. The solution for me was to use the machine name on my ArcGIS Server and not the webserver name. For example, my webserver was: maps.domain.com and the machine name was svr01-maps.mef.gob, so instead for writing maps.domain.com:6443/arcgis, I used svr01-maps.mef.gob:6443/arcgis and it worked and keeps working fine.

Just my two cents.


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Your goal is to use the server as your portal's hosting server. It means you need SSL as comunication layer.

In that stage you should check if ArcGIS for Server has his own security certificate well configurated. A self-signed certificate could'nt be enough at this way.

Check two points:

  • Certificate in your web server:

          Enabling SSL on your web server—Portal for ArcGIS (10.3 and 10.3.1) | ArcGIS for Server

  • Certificate in your ArcGIS for Server:

          Enabling SSL on ArcGIS Server when accessed through ArcGIS Web Adaptor—Installation Guides... 

Hope to be helpfull.       

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Just to clarify; a self-signed certificate IS enough to configure a federated server. ESRI recommends it but is not mandatory. I configured my own federated server using self-signed certificates. The problem aroused from the machine name not from the certificate itself.

I wanted to clarify this so others can continue working using self-signed certificates for testing environments.


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You are right.

  • A self-signed certificate is enough for testing almost all product functionality.
  • Also is a fact that you need to use the machine's name and not the host name of the web adaptor site when federates a server.

I just wanna mentioned that some implementation characteristics as SSO can't be functional at this manner. So, situation depends on what is your goal for the testing environment.

Best regards,

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I also have found that I can only register my server as federated using the local machine name, not the FQDN.  Because of this for some reason I cannot create a connection to the FQDN in ArcCatalog to publish my services.  Any more hints as to why I can't federate using the FQDN (in my case it's an Amazon Elastic IP). 

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We also had this issues where the Portal under Settings-->Servers-->was failing to connect to a federated server.

Portaladmin api was unable to unfedereate the server:

Failed to unfederate server ... Could not decrypt token. Token may not be valid.

In the ArcGIS Server admin api I was able to change the Security configuration to use internal Server authentication and removed the Server role of Hosted server.  But Portal still thought that this ArcGIS Server was federated.

Then I remembered that in the Portal Sharing api federated servers where also listed.


From here I was able to finally get the server unfederated with Portal.

Once everything was cleaned up I was able to Federate this ArcGIS Server instance and also register it as the Hosting Server.