Feature Server sharing not replicated from Portal to ArcGIS Server

12-29-2017 08:22 AM
New Contributor

When I publish a item in my Portal for ArcGIS and share this item to a specific group, my sharing definitions doesn't replicated to ArcGIS for Server until I sharing my Map Server to the same group. Why this behavior occurs if I have possibility to share itens individually ? My test scenario was:

# Portal 4 ArcGIS 10.5 federated with ArcGIS for Server 10.5

# User profile level used to access the service was USER

1) Publish service with Map and Feature capabilities.

2) Open my Portal for ArcGIS and sharing my Feature Service with a specific group of my organization

3) Try to access my Feature Service using service directory on ArcGIS for server rest endpoint
On this step, when I clicked on my Feature Service I doesn't get details of my service, returning to the root on service directory.

4) When I see the ArcGIS Server log detected the warning:
    "A request was maded to the service XXXXX but they doesn't have proper credentials"

The problem was solved when I share both services (Map and Feature Service).

My question is, why on Portal I have functionallity to share individual (feature or map service) itens if when I want to use individually I need to share the both ?

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