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Feature Class and connected Standalone Table in Portal

10-06-2022 06:24 AM
New Contributor II

Dear Community

I am struggling to find a solution for a simple issue in theory.

I have created a feature class and a standalone table using arcpy, and have enabled a 1-to-M connection between them. The main function of the standalone table is to add opening hours to the feature class points, e.g. one point has multiple opening times. However, I am not able to get this working in my WebApp Builder. I would like to add different opening times for each feature point, preferably within the smart editor. But there seems to be no connection between the FC and the table and I can only modify the fields of the FC itself. 

Usually we publish each layer individually using a staging python script, but I have also tried to publish the web map as a whole (containing both) and the standalone table seperately as a table. I have also tried multiple widgets, without success.

In the end, I just want to be able to create point features and to add opening hours to them, which are stored in the seperate table. 

Many thanks for any inputs.

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