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Error publishing a secured geocoding service as a custom locator to my Portal for ArcGIS

08-01-2022 07:15 AM
New Contributor III

We are experiencing some challenges in setting up a customized Locator for our Portal for ArcGIS  (ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1).
We have successfully added the customized Locator to our Portal, when we try to add it to the Utility service > Geocoding in order to share it across the organization we are getting this issue:

"This is a secured geocoding service and cannot be added as a custom locator as-is. If you wish to add it as a custom locator, you must first add it as a secure item, electing to store the credentials. Then, add the resulting item URL as the custom locator."

This error is seen as a 403 Forbidden error from the Portal. In order to set up this locator, we need to store the credentials and we are not able to do so anywhere. This option is not available when we tried to add the locator to the portal as an ArcGIS Server web service.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.

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