Enable Coordinate Quantization Parameter in ArcGIS Enterprise Portal 10.7.1

08-21-2022 09:00 PM
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We have ArcGIS Enterprise Portal 10.7.1

I am searching for strategies to improve the efficiency of mapping large datasets and found a technique called Coordinate Quantization. According to the ArcGIS REST APIs documentation - Layer (Feature Service), it said:

"For 10.6.1 version, New layer properties exposed on a feature service layer:
supportsCoordinatesQuantization is true if a layer supports coordinate quantization."


I assumed that coordinate quantization can also be applied in the feature layer published on ArcGIS Enterprise Portal 10.7.1.

We shared a web feature layer that references registered data to ArcGIS Enterprise and added the feature layer to a web map (view in Map Viewer Classic). However, it seems that no coordinate quantization is applied. The query returned are the absolute coordinates of the geometry.


I have checked that the supportsCoordinatesQuantization is true from the URL of my feature service.


May I know how can I enable the coordinates quantization in ArcGIS Enterprise Portal 10.7.1? Is coordinates quantization supported in the web feature layer that references registered data? Thanks!



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Hi there - did you ever find an answer to this question? Researching quantization and pbf formats now to improve performance of our services. 

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