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Edit Attachment Table Attributes in a Service

11-01-2022 05:30 AM
New Contributor II


Is it possible to expose an attachment table for editing in a feature service?

We would like to add an integer field to that table so our users can populate a display order (1,2,3,etc.). That field would then be used to sort the attachments in an Arcade popup element that displays their thumbnails. When a new attachment is added, our users might want it to appear first, last, or anywhere in between, so we'd like to allow them to set that order as they see fit.

However, whenever we publish a service with the point feature class and the attachment table, only the points remain accessible in the feature service (both appear in the map service). This is not the case for other standalone tables, just the attachment table. We are publishing from a branch versioned database through ArcGIS Pro 3.0.2 and are on Enterprise 11.0.

Thank you!

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