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Domain names in hosted feature layers and exported/downloaded data

09-22-2022 04:06 PM
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Hi everyone, 

I've published a hosted feature layer (with the copy all data option) to our enterprise portal (10.9.1) from a file geodatabase set up in ArcGIS Pro 2.9.2 for use in Field Maps.  The FGDB has a point feature class, standalone table and a relationship class linking the two.  There are domains on most of the fields in the table.  Staff will need to export/download the data and/or add it from portal into ArcGIS Pro during the data collection project.  In my testing (admittedly, I've gone through more than a few iterations but I've always deleted the hosted feature layer in between), there is an "_[number]" being added to the domain?

Here's a fields view in the source FGDB before publishing:


And then in the hosted feature layer (or downloaded data)


Has anyone seen this? What am I missing?

Thank you for any insights!


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