Distributed Collaboration Online to Portal - Credentials

04-21-2021 11:47 AM
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Question – I got a successful collaboration and workspace set up with another companies online account (host) and our portal (guest). However the feature layers we are sharing with each other require each of us to sign-in to the others environment to access the data. This is problematic to our workflow we are trying to create with field workers and GIS team members. I’d like to know definitively if there is a way to remove the prompt to sign-in to the others environment or if this is currently a limitation not possible in ESRI?


Key information for this question

  1. Our Enterprise is 10.8
  2. Sharing data with “everyone” is not an Option
  3. This is our only portal to online collaboration my company has in place. I’m I correct that I will not be able to set up another?

Greatly appreciate and help you can send our way. Thanks

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