Dissolving polygon boundaries using symbol level drawing WITHOUT common values?

05-25-2011 01:06 PM
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Hey! I want to map some polygons adjacent to each other that do not share any similar values in the attribute table.  For illustrative purposes, imagine a geodatabase of states in the United States that I want to display as groups of states (with no boundaries between the states that are similar, creating "mega-polygons")that share something in common that wouldn't be in the database, like, states along the Colorado River, or, states in a particular watershed, or states with fairs that serve roast sweet corn.  Information that I don't want to populate the database with, but want to cartographically represent.

I can find information on creating symbol layers to make these grouped mega-polygons if they share common values in the database, but is there anyway to select adjoining polygons and effectively dissolve the shared boundary between them?


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