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10-01-2010 11:18 AM
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What are the specific steps to get the disperse marker tool to work? I have a shape file with several points across the US on it, how do I convert it to something usable in the disperse marker tool?
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The disperse markers tool works with representation symbology only. Representations can only be added to feature classes in a geodatabase, so you would need to convert your shapefile to a geodatabase feature class, add it to ArcMap and symbolize it, then convert symbology to representations. Then you could use the disperse markers tool.

Help on Representations:

Help on Disperse Markers tool:
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Can you use the Disperse Markers tool in ArcGIS Online? I can symbolize the dispersed points in ArcMap, but as soon as I export the data, the representation symbology is lost. Therefore, I cannot upload the dispersed markers into ArcGIS Online where I would like to use the data. Is there another way of representing overlapping data points in ArcGIS Online?

Asa Strong
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