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07-18-2012 08:21 AM
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Is it possible when using data driven pages to highlight the current data driven feature so that it stands out on the plan rather than manually printing each page (selecting the object).

I am using 10.1

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How would you like to make your index polygon stand out?  There are a couple of things you can do; you can use the Clipping options for the data frame, specify a border for the clip, exclude all layers, and your index polygon will now have a border around it:


Similar to the above, you can choose to clip the feature instead, so features only display within the boundary of the index polygon:


These options are under View > Data Frame Properties > Data Frame tab, and at the bottom, Clip Options.

Similar to the clip, you can look into Page Definition queries, which function the same as a clip.  If layers in your map have a field that includes the the page name, you can look into setting a page definition to show features that match the current page.  These are accessed through right clicking on the layer, going to Layer Properties, the Definition Query tab, and then the Page Definition option.
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Jonathan, Great post, I gained a new tool!
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Mike, I'm with you!  This doesn't seem to work in 10.1, although it did in 10.0.  Now the clipping options referenced take out all other features outside the data driven page polygon features, instead of highlighting them as before.  Here's a page done previously, with a nice highlight of the current feature.
Then, take a look at this one with the current set of polygons that I'm cycling through, but you can't tell which one is the selected one for the current page.

Edit after finding solution:  You've got to make a duplicate copy of the index layer, then in the Properties / Definition Query set a Page Definition and change the attributes of the layer to make it as visible as you'd like.
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The way i've done this before is to create a layer that has a page definition on it, set the border symbol for the layer to be what I want it to be to make it 'jump off the page'.  What you end up with are at least 2 and possibly 3 different layers in your TOC based on the same feature class:

  • layer 1 is your index layer driving the pages and this is turned off

  • layer 2 is the layer with a page definition query so that ONLY the feature (i call this the 'subject feature) that matches the page displays

  • layer 3 (optional) is a layer showing all boundaries, in a more subdued symbology, this is useful if seeing the 'subject feature' relative to other polygons is useful for your application.

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JQuinn-esristaff's 'Page definition queries' solution worked perfectly for me - thanks!

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