Customize the username in Portal using LDAP

09-25-2018 10:15 AM
Esri Contributor


When the user and group stores are set to WINDOWS, the @DOMAIN is always added to the end of the enterprise usernames that are added through "Add members based on existing enterprise users"

When you switch to LDAP, you have more flexibility because you can set this attribute; but, I can customize this username? or concat some attributes? or adding more attibutes? (this JSON dont work, its just an example).


  "type": "LDAP",

  "properties": {

    "userPassword": "abcd123",

    "caseSensitive": "true",

    "userEmailAttribute": "mail",

    "usernameAttribute": "sAMAccountName+@DOMAIN",

    "user": "domain\\user",

    "userFullnameAttribute": "cn",

    "ldapURLForUsers": "ldap://",

    "isPasswordEncrypted": "false"



The idea, its that the end user will login with the same structure that using WINDOWS authentication, username@DOMAIN

We have a end user with two portals, one using WINDOWS authentication and other in the DMZ running on Linux, and they want use the same username for both (username@DOMAIN).


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