Creating an NDVi time series map..

09-23-2011 09:36 PM
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I am currently trying to create a time series map showing NDVI across a catchment...

I have a bunch of rasters showing NDVI values across the same area, monthly for approximately 3.5 years. I would like to display all these rasters on a single map to show changes in NDVI, however the problem i'm having is that the values that the colours are representing change, due to differences in the max and min values for each raster. This means that it technically wouldn't be accurate to use one single legend for the map; and it would obviously be silly to have 30 - 40 different legends.

Is there a way to somehow link the values in the rasters, so the colour ramp and legend represents the same ranges of values for all the rasters?

I hope this makes sense!

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