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04-16-2019 04:48 PM
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I am trying to wean my company off of Google Maps/Earth and onto ArcPortal and am having trouble. They still want to be able to print kmz.  I am hoping that others here have crossed the same bridge and can give me some tips.  I have also found a few resources that may help, but I can't seem to get them to work.  For example, I guess that there is a way to view a mapservice as a KML in Google Earth (  This indicates that there is a "view in: ArcGIS Earth" link and that I will be able to right-click on it to get my KML. I can't find that link?  It isn't at the top of the page with all of the other "view in" choices.  I also get nothing if I type in the address with the "generateKML.kmz" link.  The service that I am trying to get a KML from has the KML capability selected in the service properties.  Can someone point me to a resource that may explain what is going on?

Besides that possible way to view a MapService, does anyone know of a way to view/extract a Portal Web Map into a kml/z?  My Web Map (in viewer) has a local mapservice as well as outside REST endpoints.  I can choose "analysis" and then "extract data", but not all of the layers are listed. Albeit, some of the outside REST endpoints are listed so I'm not sure why some and not others...

And last: is there a way to extract a kml (or even a shapefile or any other format, for that matter) directly to the desktop, or does it always get saved into mycontent and then have to be exported again.  My users are picky and this extra step is making their eyes roll.

Help on any of these issues would be much appreciated!

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Hi Lisa,

Did you ever find a solution to this? I am trying to share the Map to KML tool as a web tool for users to export the web map to a kml, but it doesn't seem to accept a web map as an input.

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