create grid polygon based on longitude, latitude

01-10-2013 07:42 PM
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i want create grid polygon based on longitude, latitude.
(not straight line, but flexible line based on longitude, latitude)

And i want to create grid by setting constant Degrees/Minutes/Seconds(ex> every 5 degrees..)


already, i try to create grid with create vector grid(Hawth's Tools)
but it create just rectangular grid....
(red line: create from "Hawth's tools",  grey line & blue polygon: 1:25000 index(based on longitude, latitude))

anybody please help me~!
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i tried grids and graticules tool...

but i don't know about grid template(XML file).

and i read desktop help, you presented, but it hard to understand(i'm not the English-speaking world...)

please add a supplementary explanation.^^

thank you
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