Copy a representation to another feature

07-19-2011 08:41 AM
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I have a  feature (geology-polygons) with an existing representation. I want to copy that representation to another geology feature (it's not the same features but they have the save table structure). I tried to copy the representation from one feature to another, but I can't make it to have the same representation. Everything has the same ID Rule = 1.
Is there a way to make the representation actually to work or I have to use lyr files again?
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I think  have a workaround way to do this.  Assuming the feature that you want to copy the representation to is in the same gdb.  Make a copy of your representation in the table of contents (Right click >  Copy)  then paste the copied representation in the data frame.
Rename the new copied representation.
Right click on the new representation and properties > Set Data Source...
Now choose the different feature that you want to copy the representation on.
Make sure to export the new representation if you want the data to be permement.

Hope this helps! :cool:
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If you make a layer file using your original layer, then you can apply the represenation rules from that layer to your new layer using the Add Represenation geoprocessing tool. Here is a link to the help topic:
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