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Confusion about registering an app

10-29-2020 09:03 AM
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I have a JS API app that I need to now play nice with Portal. I've migrated the services used in the app into Portal and I'm trying to register the app inside of Portal per the Help Page instructions but I'm confused about one part of the settings. It's just not clear to me what the redirect URIs are actually supposed to be (under App Registration).

Let's say the URL to my JS API app is https://serverName/appName/index.html

Is that what goes in this Redirect URI section? Do I instead/also enter the URL for my Portal's Home page?

The problem I'm experiencing is that when my app currently loads, the user needs to log in to Portal so that those services can load. I'm currently getting the Invalid_Redirect_URI 400 Error. I realize that this can be a web adaptor issue but I want to make sure what I have control over is correct before I take this up with our Portal Admin folks.



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  Did you ever figure out what the URI is?  I too am having a hard time trying to figure it out.

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