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Configuring Web Adapter 10.2

08-11-2014 12:03 PM
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I have installed ArcGIS Portal (10.2) on a server and it seems to be working properly.  I have installed the ArcGIS Web Adaptor on another server and attempted to register/configure the Adaptor with the Portal. However each time I do so I receive the following error.


"Unable to configure the GIS server with the Web Adaptor.  Please make sure that that the GIS server machine is running and that the account specified has administrative privileges to the site."


It is running.  I can login to the Portal server from the Adaptor server with the same administrator credentials I am providing to the Adaptor configuration screen, so I do not believe network communication between the two, or the login credentials are the issue.


Both the Portal and the Adaptor are the same version and are running on Linux.


I have tried using both the web interface and the command-line to configure the Adaptor, but have the same results form both methods.


I have seen similar posts related to this problem, but none of the offered solutions seem to resolve my issue.  I am not a GIS person, but an IT person trying to set this up for our GIS Department.  I appreciate any suggestions anyone may have.




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Hi I add a similar issue when I was to install the web adaptor on a linux machine.

First I had to check the output messages of tomcat. It was saying that a property file was not found.

In fact, the web adaptor wanted to create a file named webadaptor.config in a .webadaptor directory.

Something like : ~tomcat/.webadaptor/webadaptor.config

I a had to create this directory first, add the full permission then restart tomcat.

You should face to similar issue : you need to add a permission.


Xavier Lhomme
GIS Architect / ESIRI Expert
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